These beautiful drop earrings are made of textured sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Available in white and grey freshwater pearls. Handmad sterling silver ear wires have been included in the design of the earrings. The drop is approximately 600 mm in length including the pearl. The pearl diameter will vary from pair to pair but is approximately 12 mm in diameter. 

Textured sterling silver and freshwater pearl earrings

  • Silver like all metals will tarnish over time. Freshwater pearls should be protected from the chemicals in substances such as hairspray and perfume. Simply wipe the pearls with a soft cloth before storing them away in a cloth bag. It is best not to store pearls in plastic bags as they need to breathe and absorb moisture. Clean the silver component of the earrings with a silver cleaning cloth. Avoid using the silver cloth on the pearls.