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"but I'm not creative..." - I hear this from so many people but I say everyone has creativity within them! You just need the opportunity, space and tools to express that creativity. I am running workshops that will give you the skills to create your own unique piece of jewellery.  Details of my current workshops are below.


I look forward to meeting you and sharing my experience as a jewellery designer and print maker with you. Drop me a line if you have any questions or ideas for the sort of workshop you would like to attend.


Watch this space for next workshops - 2024 dates

will be listed here when available


Botanical Printmaking with gel plates



As part of my residency in printmaking at The Churn Room I have come across the wonderful world of gel based mono printing, I would love to introduce you to this very flexible approach to printmaking

In this workshop you will explore mono printing using a gel plate to create unique, colourful prints.

What will you create?

You will create unique, colourful monoprints. Monoprints are a form of printmaking where a single print is created as opposed to other forms of printmaking where multiple prints or editions are made from the same plate. You can frame your prints as artworks for yourself or to give as gifts to others. They can also be made into one-of-a-kind cards to send to the special people in your life, or use your prints as collage materials for your artwork. No prior experience is required to enjoy this fun workshop. We will be using botanicals, stencils and other objects to create layers, shapes and texture. Let your imagination run free with colour and shape to create your own unique prints.

What is a gel plate?

A gel plate is a flexible, reuseable printing plate that can be used to create prints without the need for an expensive printing press. They are made from non-animal based materials.

All art materials are provided. Old clothes or an apron are recommended as we use acrylic paint in the printing process. Bring along some leaves – including weeds – from your garden or a nearby park. Fresh leaves laid flat between the pages of a book work well.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Venue: The Churn Room, Dayboro Butter Factory, 38 Williams St, Dayboro 4151

About The Churn Room

The workshop is held in the workshop area of The Churn Room located on the mezzanine floor of the building.

Due to the nature and age of the building there are some uneven surfaces, with access to the mezzanine only via stairs. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email -


All materials are provided. Old clothes or an apron are recommended as we use acrylic paint in the printing process. Class size is limited to six participants.

Light refreshments will be provided. 













Foundations of Jewellery Making - a 4 week course to learn the core skills of metalsmithing.

This multi workshop program will introduce you to the five main skills sets that form the foundation of metalsmithing.

During this program you will learn and practice:


Cutting metal with a jewellers saw – putting the saw together, understanding which blade to use, practicing sawing metal shapes.


Using files to shape your metal – understanding which file to use for the job at hand, practicing your filing technique to smooth and shape edges.


Learning how to shape and texture metal; annealing the metal to make it malleable; adding texture with stamps, hammers, dapping the metal to form domed shapes.


Working with a butane torch to learn how to heat your metal to solder or join metal into your desired shapes. You will learn about using flux to prevent oxidation of metal and using different grades of solder to join the metal and removing oxidation with a pickle solution.


Once you have fabricated your piece of jewellery there are a range of finishing techniques to choose to complete your piece. Learn to add that special finish with texturing, burnishing, buffing, polishing and patinating.


During the course you will practice on base metals (copper, aluminium or brass In addition to the pieces you make from base metals you will be able to make 2 – 3 pieces from sterling silver – earrings, rings, small pendant or bangle.

Maximum of 4 participants per class.  

If the workshop is fully booked please add your name to the waiting list via email to  and I will schedule an additional session. 






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The Churn Room

Included in the price:

Use of tools
Light refreshments - there is a coffee shop next door if you wish to buy food or drink.
Your finished pieces to take home

What to wear:
Closed in shoes

Long hair must be tied back and long sleeves need to be fitted or able to be securely rolled up out of the way.

Clothes you don't mind getting dirty, or an apron to protect your clothes.

Please Note:
Due to the nature of the tools used , the workshop is open to participants 16 years and over only. 
Workshops require a minimum of 2 participants to go ahead.

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